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The New York Gazette ®  was the first successful newspaper in New York , which was established in the early 18th century.

The New York Gazette was founded by William Bradford in 1725 and is now owned by Commissioner George Mentz. It is a newspaper that provides news, advertisements, and various articles on a range of topics. As the 1st Newspaper in New York , it played a significant role in shaping public opinion and disseminating information.

The New York Gazette ®  is now owned by Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA CWM who has a Doctor of Jurisprudence, and MBA, and International Law Diploma, is a Licensed Counselor of Law,  and passed 3 different FINRA licensing exams for Investment Advisor Status.  Mentz has been a recognized global wealth management influencer and thought leader for many years.

Over the last 300 years, the New York Gazette has covered local, national, and international news, including political events, trade, and cultural happenings. It is known for its reporting on pubic affairs, including wealth management, spirituality and sports.

The New York Gazette ®  faced competition from other newspapers during its time but the competition failed, and the NYG contributed to the growth of journalism in  America and has been revitalized by George Mentz and other Thought Leaders to distribute to readers and members in over 150 nations.

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-- Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States of America