The Big Fraud Election of 2020

This page discusses various perspectives and evidence related to the 2020 election's integrity and transparency.

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“The Big Fraud ™” - The Tainted Election of 2020


The Math and Facts Debunk the Entire 2020 Election as a Probable Legal Fraud and Criminal Scheme.


By Comm'r George Mentz, JD MBA CWM - Atty at Law US Fed Cts EDLA


On November 4th 2020, the day after election day, President Trump was in a comfortable lead according to international media. He was winning: Pennsylvania, 56-43, a lead of just about 700,000 votes. Georgia, 51-48, a lead of around 120,000. Michigan, 53-45, a lead of about 295,000. Bigfraud Wisconsin, 51-47, a lead of about 116,000. North Carolina, 50-49, with a lead of nearly 77,000. With a total lead over 1.3 million votes, most reasonable folks believed President Trump had won another landslide Presidential election. [i] This article expands on my prior research on election weaknesses and fraud in the USA. [ii] In a shocking revelation this week, Georgia officials testify that there was no signature verification in 2020 implying that every tainted or fraudulent ballot was counted as legitimate days after the election was over. [iii]  


After three years, the baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was clean, ethical, and without widespread fraud has all been fully and legally debunked.  With the 2020 bogus election, many went to bed after election day was over with trump winning by over 1.3 million votes in 5 battleground states.  


Under US Law and Twombly-Iqbal federal pleading standards, a victim or plaintiff need only to show the plausibility of the actual wrongdoing, injury, count or charge in the US Federal Courts.  This is similar to showing the four attributes of negligence of:  1) Duty, 2) Breach,  3) Causation , and 4) Damages.  For example, was there a federal civil rights duty to protect the election, was the election integrity violated, who or what caused the breach of duty, and what are the damages.  Three years later, it seems that the 2020 US election was “Per Se Fraud” [iv]  where the federal and state claims of fraud are absolutely more than speculative under the law and now are obvious negligence per se under the doctrines of Res ipsa loquitur or "the fraud speaks for itself". Clearly, anyone who doesn’t see the legal flaws, deception, and problems with this election math, interference,  and the widespread election fraud anomalies is either foolish or an existential  threat to our democracy.    See: Bell Atlantic Corp. v. Twombly (2007): Ashcroft v. Iqbal (2009): 


Below, five states are shown to have flipped after election day was over in 2020 from President Trump to candidate former VP Biden. [v]  Statistically, these 5 states were voting about evenly on election day for both VP Biden and the incumbent President Trump.  However, after election day, the vast majority of all ballots counted went for VP Biden in all 5 of these states that counted late or unverified ballots. Thus, the voting patterns and voting math for the candidates shifted in a radical and inexplicable way after election day was over where President Trump was already the predicted landslide winner.  The late results were so large, it seemed that Trump’s opposition had a ballot printing press the size of the Superdome.  


Nobody since Rutherford B Hayes in the 1876 presidential election has flipped a state after election day. [vi] This statistical anomaly of 5 different states flipping “post election day”  is a virtual impossibility that no judge or jury could ignore as a crime against the civil rights of millions.  Many legal scholars would call the flipping of 5 states with late votes after election day both a crime and “ legally unconscionable” under civil law tenets as well. [vii] 


When most folks went to bed in the early morning hours after election day 2020, Trump was winning in a landslide of 309 to Biden’s 229 electoral votes. Had the government shut down the counting of late votes, not counted undated votes, &  not counted unsigned ballots etc, President Trump almost certainly would have kept his additional 73 electoral college votes, keeping  his total electoral count landslide at 309 electoral votes winning 30 states to Biden’s 20. [viii] 


Let’s explore the states that flipped after Election Day 2020 and the margins by which they shifted: 


1.   Arizona

o    Electoral Votes : 11 

o    Flipped After Election Day to : Democrat (Joe Biden) 

o    Margin: Biden won by approximately 10,457 votes1

2.   Georgia

o    Electoral Votes : 16 

o    Flipped After Election Day to : Democrat (Joe Biden) 

o    Margin: Biden won by approximately 12,779 votes1

3.   Michigan

o    Electoral Votes : 16 

o    Flipped After Election Day to : Democrat (Joe Biden) 

o    Margin: Biden won by approximately 154,188 votes1

4.   Pennsylvania

o    Electoral Votes : 20 

o    Flipped After Election Day to Democrat (Joe Biden) 

o    Margin: Biden won by approximately 80,686 votes1

5.   Wisconsin

o    Electoral Votes : 10 

o    Flipped to : Democratic (Joe Biden) 

o    Margin: Biden won by approximately 20,682 votes1

These states played a crucial role in determining the overall election outcome, and their narrow margins highlight the significance of every vote cast. As for math, somehow, Trump was up over 1.3 Million votes after election day was over, but lost days later by a mere 43,000 votes total in (AZ, GA, and WI)  in a wild "come from behind" miracle that nobody could quite fathom or a logical, scientific, mathematical,  statistical, legal, or rational level.   


10 Reasons why the flipping of 5 states after election day does not make sense ethically, legally, logically or mathematically: 

1)                           Sec. Clinton, Sen. Harris, Sen. Warren and Sen. Klobachar all repudiated the results of 2016 election and claimed that election systems and voting machines can be hacked by nefarious actors or even the Russians and Chinese. [ix] [x]

2)                           Trump got about double the minority votes that Romney and Bush got, thus his support was broader with all minorities including  Asians from 49 nations & Blacks. [xi] 

3)                           Trump increased his Hispanic support across American and especially in places like Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan. [xii] 

4)                           Eleven US Senators pledged to vote to send the ballots back to these flipped states for integrity analysis, but the vote was shut down by Pelosi when hundreds of unarmed folks were allowed into the Capitol Building to wander around and peacefully protest. [xiii]   In Trump's Speech, he authorized protestors to go to the Capitol and protest on several occasions.

5)                           There seems now to more than enough evidence of tainted, late and illegal ballots several states to overturn the election of Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin. [xiv] 

6)                           Trump was the first to win Bellwether States and Counties in: Ohio and Iowa in the last 50 years without winning the national election. This is because Ohio and Iowa are the most symbolic of national voter sentiment. [xv] 

7)                           By 2020, Russia and China did not want Trump to be reelected as he was fighting for American workers, imposing tariffs and forcing nations to compete on a level playing field. [xvi] 

8)                           Many states allowed mail or drop box voting that was constitutionally and legislatively illegal, but COVID exceptions were made even though they were in violation of Civil Rights or the state laws. [xvii] 

9)                           Al Gore in 2000 spent millions trying to flip just one state but couldn’t do it.  Florida stayed with  Bush because election monitors would not allow Gore to count late, flawed, illegal, fraudulent, unsigned, or undated ballots. [xviii] 

10)                       When you have countless videos of people stuffing ballot boxes with ballots in the middle of the night, it seems implausible that these smuggled ballots would be legitimate. [xix] [xx] 

Overall, it is still puzzling that no US judge evaluated this case on the required IQBAL merits of plausibility. No judge in the USA actually allowed due process for plaintiffs where any real evidence of fraud or conspiracy was examined. Even after several parties were caught and fined using fake evidence and trying to overthrow the US government by funding fake Russian Collusion Evidence, there still was no judge willing to allow a lawsuit against the fraudsters to pay for these damages, losses, and even illegally obtained wiretaps against the Trump campaign and other crimes. [xxi]  

What are damages?  If Hillary Clinton lost $3 billion dollars for the Democrat party in 2016 in her loss to President Trump, the potentiality of more than $5 billion was stolen in 2020 and 2022.  These losses were caused by anyone who knowingly allowed late or illegal ballots which caused 5 states to erroneously flip after the election day 2020 was over. Further, government agents were caught tainting election news and PR of Social Media and Search as per the 5th Circuit investigation.    [xxii] 

As a legal journalist who is a licensed professional, most of the old media have totally lost their credibility from 2017 to 2020 for five key reasons.  This is because: 1)  The vast majority of leftist media denied the 2016 election results and democrats were clearly arguing against Democracy. [xxiii]  2) OM “Old Media” Claimed as en excuse for the losses the Election Machines were Hacked or interfered with in 2016 [xxiv]  3) The old media promoted fake evidence Dossiers from to defraud judges and overthrow Trump’s government. 4) Much of the media acted with anti-democratic rhetoric and claimed that President Trump was not legitimate. 5) Much of the media was complicit in defrauding federal judges by circulating the “Digital Insurrection Plot” of the fake evidence Russian collusion dossier. [xxv]   The widespread theft and casualty losses of this 2020  election were so bad that the state and federal government should allow voters take a casualty loss on their taxes because the entire nation was essentially a 2020 election disaster area. 

While many elitist Americans laugh at Russia and say that Putin is not a legitimately election president, the USA 2020 election is no better than Russia, Bulgaria, or Zembabwe’s elections. [xxvi]   [xxvii]  Any journalist who says that the continuing evidence of election fraud is baseless is arguing against civil rights, due process, and  ignoring the math and facts. Further, anyone who thinks it wrong or unethical to put up a legal challenge against this type of unreasonable election process and flawed system is no friend of a democratic system, fairness, and civil rights. The data that has been exposed since the 2020 election clearly shows plausibility and reasonable belief that without the fraud, machine problems, and late counted ballots, the election results would  have stayed in President Trump’s hands.  [xxviii] [xxix] 

Any media personality who claims that voter fraud existed in Arizona, Georgia or Wisconsin, but not enough to overturn the election, is confessing that there was indeed election fraud. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire, and a court of law and judges should investigate the plausible widespread election fraud. Any media worker who says that former presidents and candidates should not have enlisted alternate electors or lawyers as a contingency plan is also against civil rights freedoms. For decades, mail in ballots always leaned republican with the military, dual citizens, and foreign service. The New York Times and other media actually argued that mail-in voting was pro republican, but for some reason in 2020, the vast majority of late ballots all went for the democrat ticket. [xxx]  

I wholeheartedly warn all democrats to hold true to their alleged democratic ideals and not contest national elections ever again.  Since the losing presidential candidates such as:  Gore (FL), Clinton, and Kerry (Ohio)  have all delegitimized the national presidential elections as rigged, hacked, and fraudulent, democrats are guilty for starting this election integrity mess that we are in now.  Overall, the solution has been revealed by other nations such as France that have banned mailing of ballots and now they require ID and paper ballots to be signed, dated and counted before the end of election day. [xxxi] 

Overall, many of the leading democracies in the world have banned the use of mail in ballots or drop boxes as there is simply too much room for corruption, fraud, bribery, theft, and use of a few workers at the postal services to steal, suppress, or boost election votes. [xxxii]  Also, technology experts say that any election device or thumb drive with vote results can be tainted or hacked with relative ease.  [xxxiii]  As for the “Mens Rea”  or the “mental intent” of President Trump and his legal defenders, all of them obviously knew and agreed based on the math and facts that President Trump won reelection in a landslide on election day based on all of the news reports, government reports, and data.    [xxxiv] 

In the recent  Murthy v. Missouri case, the US Government was exposed in another fraud and caught red-handed rigging 2020 election news on social media and search engines. Essentially, a few cabals within US government agencies were caught secretly providing RMS Reputation Management Services and  PR Public Relations exclusively for democrats worth billions of dollars in contributions, and the 5th Circuit Federal Courts have upheld that these criminal civil rights violations occurred against conservatives and President Trump.  Further, government actors were caught threatening search engines and social media to eliminate negative press about key democrats running for office and de-amplify or ban any good news or PR about republicans, populists and libertarians.   [xxxv] 

In another shocking revelation of pure 2020 election fraud, 51 of the nation’s top intelligence executives in the USA all signed a legal letter claiming that newly discovered negative (data, files, signed documents, transcripts, financial data, video, and photos) of Trump’s opposition in 2020 was some type of PSYOP Russian disinformation conspiracy. Sadly, this appears to have been yet another huge fraud to rig the 2020 election news. All of this evidence, is just ever-unfolding continuum of additions to the mountain of evidence that can be used in court showing 2020 was 'The Big Fraud ™". [xxxvi] On top of everything else, the government was recently caught censoring RFK who is a independent-democratic presidential candidate for 2024. [xxxvii] [xxxviii] Thus the theft of civil rights and mass election fraud continues to be widespread. 

However, most now acquiesce that by counting the late ballots gathered after election day was over, the former VP Biden amazingly flipped 5 states in his favor with well over 1.3 million fresh ballots coming in for him after election day while very few if any votes trickled in for President Trump in these 5 states.  

In a federal civil lawsuit, counts and charges of civil fraud, conspiracy, and theft could be filed in federal courts to win damages for the 2020 fraud. The plaintiffs could be a class action lawsuit for the billions lost to fraud and negligence. It is clear that nobody knows if the absentee ballots counted after the election were legal, signed, dated, or on time. Most analysts and experts also agree that Trump would have won if the election news about his opponents had not been censored with 8 in 10 saying the cover-up changed their decisions and election outcome. [xxxix] [xl] With this mountain of bizarre irregularities, a mere preponderance of the evidence would be needed to have a jury award damages in a civil case.  

In 2024, my intuition is that the election count will stop again in the morning after election day, but Trump will be up by millions of votes in the 45 states excluding that states where Republicans don’t bother to vote such as: MA, CA, NY, IL, and MD.  Democrats may not have a remedy to overcome the vote after election day is over as there are less drop boxes in various states as COVID is not an issue at this time.  Even if Biden is replaced by Harris, the same result will unfold.  

In another recent win for the Trump Reelection Campaign, a federal judge has finally laid down the law and stated that: (late, undated fraudulent ballots) can “no longer” be counted or stuffed in drop boxes as a valid vote. [xli] Further, states are now banning dark-money billionaire funds to pay for election ballot gathering and proxy ballot stuffing in big cities. i.e. Zuckerbucks [xlii]  

In sum, anyone who runs for office who wins big on election day, but then loses the election with late counted absentee ballots would be justified in asking for a legal review and to request that any fake, late, unsigned or undated votes tossed out.  Hopefully, the widespread fraud, censorship, news rigging, tampering, and domestic election interference can be mitigated in 2024.  Overall, election 2020 continues to be exposed as “The Big Fraud” with many unresolved legal issues.  These civil rights violations are not for the media to decide but rather these injustices are for real judges and impartial juries to decide based on the offenses, facts, math, violations, damages, and evidence.  



[xlii] Wisconsin voters approve constitutional amendments banning secret oligarch election funding, officials (

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